5 Microgreens You Can Grow At Home

5 Microgreens You Can Grow At Home

The 5 Best Microgreens To Grow At Home

If you love your vegetables green and leafy, then you need to tap into the large taste variety of microgreens.

The delicate flavors of these tiny leaves are so nutritious and easy to grow at home with a minimal kit or growing space. By growing at home, you also have the ability to grow a huge variety of microgreens, unavailable in your greengrocer or supermarket. The big question then, what do you grow and why?

Here are 5 microgreens you simply have to try. If you're feeling brave, jump right in and start growing them yourself. The financial investment is so small and needs a minimal amount of time to manage and you reap the rewards when you harvest the small leaf in as little as 5-14 days.

The Top 5 Microgreens To Grow At Home



Red Russian Kale is one of the easiest microgreens to grow, as it doesn't require soaking and can be sown directly into soil or water. The leaves are ready to harvest in 10-14 days. These bright colorful leaves look great in salads and have a mild nutty taste, more potent than their adult parent leaves.


The world's most famous salad leaf ingredient, loved by chefs for its mild peppery taste, can be harvested in as little as 10 days, in the perfect growing environment. These are the easiest and most rewarding microgreen in taste and to grow because all you need is the seed and the soil. The seed germinates fast and easy and rapidly grows to supply a hefty crop of peppery leaves. You can get much more tech, if you wanted a faster and bigger yield, by buying a grow lamp and a grow house.


Flax Microgreen

Flaxseed is usually what people desire when they think of flax, because of its nutritional benefits, but growing this tall, lanky microgreen has taste and nutritional benefits also. Full of vitamins from iron, potassium, amino acids, antioxidants and protein and with its nutty flavor, perfect for a green smoothie, mixed salad or a meal garnish.


Beets MicroGreen

Before your ruby red beetroots become fully grown, you can enjoy the crispy, fresh flavors of baby beet microgreens, straight from your kitchen window seal. Beet microgreens can be grown best in soil and as long as you have a good dose of sunshine or UV light, then the seeds will germinate and grow quickly. Sow the seeds in some organic potting compost and cover and place in darkness, till the seeds germinate in 1-3 days. Baby beet greens love sunlight, so place your tray on a sunny window seal, with plenty of natural light. Depending on how tall you like your baby beet greens, they can be harvested in 2-4 weeks. Keep damp and moist, with a spray bottle and make sure the tray is well ventilated, to avoid bacteria and fungus growth.




Love cabbages? You'll like cabbage microgreens then. Grow the vibrant red cabbage variant for a burst of colour and tests have shown that cabbage microgreens in your daily diet can lower cholesterol. They have a mild brassica flavor, with a hint of heat. The seeds are best harvested at the first true leaf stage (as opposed to the cotyledon stage. Sow densely in a soil or coir growing medium and can be harvested in 13 days.

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